Motion Pictures - the Silent Film Era - was the exciting new industry of the century. Anita King was 29 when she began acting in Hollywood at the Jesse Lasky Feature Play Company under the direction of a young director - Cecil B. DeMille. Anita claimed to be 7 years younger than her actual age - saying that she was born in 1891.

Anita's first silent movie was Cecil B. Demille's The Virginian in 1914. The following year - The Man from Home, The Girl of the Golden West, Carmen and Temptation - also films directed by Cecille B. DeMille. Later in 1915 she earned leading roles co-starring with Victor Moore in Snobs (directed by Oscar Apfel) and Chimmie Fadden (directed by DeMille).

Anita King in the Man From Home, 1915

The Girl of the Golden West

Anita King in Carmen with Geraldine Farrar and Wallace Reid - 1915

Anita King Co-starring with Victor Moore in Snobs - 1915

Chimmie Fadden - 1915

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