Thursday, September 17, 2015

On the Road Through Franklin Grove IL towards Chicago!

Left the Lincoln Highway state of Iowa and made an important stop in Franklin Grove, IL - the Lincoln Highway Headquarters. It was located in a small storefront in a building that was once owned by a relative of Abraham Lincoln. 

A perfect piece of history where time has slowed down - loved the quaintness of the small town - the store and LH headquarters coordinator shared great info with us. Town residents have their own mugs there and they can be seen congregating there for their morning coffee and sweet roll. Some evenings you can stop by and the small building turns into a music venue.

All along our trip we made a point of sharing information about the Lincoln Highway and how the organization is hoping to have the route become a national monument. The president of the Lincoln Highway sent postcards for us to hand out and we also had small wallet sized photos with stickers that had our blog address and the site to sign the petition for the designation. It was, afterall, the first transcontinental highway from San Francisco to New York City. Also, a reporter from DeKalb did an article about the Highway and how we were helping spread the word.

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