Thursday, September 17, 2015

The End of the Road - Or is It the Beginning? - New York City!!!

We decided to leave early in case we encountered anything on our way to drop off the car in Brooklyn. We ended up at a standstill in the Holland Tunnel for half an hour! A little unnerving to say the least! Our imaginations got the best of us for a short time!

Aleta and Garmin helped me maneuver through the crazy rush hour. Couldn't believe how relaxed I actually was driving through the busiest city! It was great! Thanks Aleta!

We arrived at the Hertz rental car business located in the middle of a residential section in a parking ramp - no signage indicating that it was there. Kind of crazy! Not a scratch or dent - phew! Photos for proof just in case - (ask me about past experiences with rentals if you'd like to hear some crazy stories)

We went over the 49 hours - Anita didn't have the traffic to slow her down through Chicago or Newark or Manhattan!! - But we arrived safely, tired and overjoyed and best of all still smiling!

Right Heather?

We had reservations for 4 at the Knickerbocker Hotel on Times Square - so I guessed which stop we had to make on the subway - good guess - we got to the stop - walked up the stairs - and there it was!!

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