Thursday, September 17, 2015

Anita's Arrival a Century Earlier!

 Our Arrival A Century Later

I hadn't realized that W 42nd Street was actually the Lincoln Highway - 
going right through Times Square.

The Knickerbocker & Time Square on the Lincoln Highway

The Knickerbocker on the Lincoln Highway or 42nd Street

We arrived before Jerry (the director of the New York Lincoln Highway) and were escorted to our table. A gentleman with a camera was waiting for us. Come to find out that the Knick hired him - a professional photographer - to document our lunch as we chatted about Anita and her story. Jerry arrived and indicated that the director of the state of New Jersey Lincoln Highway was going to join us.

All of those who were present were very interested in hearing all about Anita. We had everyone autograph the traveling silk scarf and we shared photos of Anita with all.

We received a copy of the beautiful book about the history of the Knickerbocker. Anita had a celebration at the hotel with directors, the mayor and film stars. The hotel closed down in the 20's and just reopened this summer as a hotel and Charlie Palmer's restaurant. The food was incredible and at the end of our 3 hour visit, we learned that our meals were complimentary! Such a heartfelt celebration in the big city! They really showed that they cared about Anita's story! Thank you Knickerbocker!

The End of the Road - Or is It the Beginning? - New York City!!!

We decided to leave early in case we encountered anything on our way to drop off the car in Brooklyn. We ended up at a standstill in the Holland Tunnel for half an hour! A little unnerving to say the least! Our imaginations got the best of us for a short time!

Aleta and Garmin helped me maneuver through the crazy rush hour. Couldn't believe how relaxed I actually was driving through the busiest city! It was great! Thanks Aleta!

We arrived at the Hertz rental car business located in the middle of a residential section in a parking ramp - no signage indicating that it was there. Kind of crazy! Not a scratch or dent - phew! Photos for proof just in case - (ask me about past experiences with rentals if you'd like to hear some crazy stories)

We went over the 49 hours - Anita didn't have the traffic to slow her down through Chicago or Newark or Manhattan!! - But we arrived safely, tired and overjoyed and best of all still smiling!

Right Heather?

We had reservations for 4 at the Knickerbocker Hotel on Times Square - so I guessed which stop we had to make on the subway - good guess - we got to the stop - walked up the stairs - and there it was!!

Made it to Newark New Jersey

Sunday evening we arrived in Newark NJ and had a great night of pre-celebration - so close - but knew we had the most challenging stretch ahead of us - driving through Newark. . .Manhattan. . .to Brooklyn to drop our rental car off at Hertz. We had hoped to drop it off Sunday night but after 22 attempts to contact the Hertz Co. in Brooklyn (supposedly was open until 8:00) Since we couldn't reach them decided to wait til the morning afterall. (Ugh - during rush hour) But for the evening we celebrated.

One of the Most Beautiful Stretches of the Lincoln Highway - Through Pennsylvania

Thanks Craig for the telephone interview from a couple of weeks ago - 

After travelling through OH - we stopped at a motor lodge - got there after dark. With all of the crazy "of courses" that we encountered on our trip (outlined on our Facebook Page - Anita King Filmstar) - Aleta and Heather looked at the place (reminiscent of slasher movies) and they said - "Please don't let it be Room 13". I laughed all the way back to the car after checking in - we got room 113! But ended up being a very comfortable night!! 

A familiar place for a generous breakfast our morning start in Pennsylvania. 

We were asked to do a presentation Saturday over the noon hour - but knew we wouldn't be coming through until later in the day!! So sorry we had to turn them down! But it definitely wouldn't have worked with our schedule!

I ended up driving across the entire state so, unfortunately, I don't have any photos of the beautiful scenery traveling through this part of our country!! Definitely returning to this state to travel the Lincoln Highway at a slower pace - hopefully soon! Thanks for the wonderful article, Kimberly!

Another Trip Highlight!! - New Friends

The Lincoln Highway
National Museum & Archives
Washington Office

(202) 536-5329

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