Thursday, September 17, 2015

On to Ohio

We travelled through Indiana - Fort Wayne and into Ohio to find some beautiful landmarks indicating connections to the Lincoln Highway.

Ohio Landscape -

In Galion OH we met up with Craig Harmon and his father George. Craig was curator of the Lincoln Highway Museum in Galion - which doesn't physically exist. It is now a virtual museum that can be accessed on line -
It was through Craig Harmon's site that I was able to learn the story about our aunt's great accomplishment. His research included newspaper articles that are now easily accessible online! 
Craig's passion for the preservation of the history of the Lincoln Highway was very evident. We had a mini photo shoot next to the Lincoln Highway (the road closed due to a car show). Craig asked if he could announce to the crowds in attendance that there were celebrities visiting their town. We asked him not to as we had to get to Pennsylvania by nightfall.

Craig had a lock of Abraham Lincoln's hair in his possession for our photo opp -

We had Craig and George autograph our silk scarf along with the names of others we've met and shared Anita's story with along the way.

Photos of us with the American flag and the Lincoln Highway Association Flag. We felt so honored!

Craig sharing his amazing vision -

On the Road Again in Ohio

Van Wert OH - City Hall

Marsh Hotel in Van Wert


Lincoln Highway Banners and banners throughout the downtown/Main Street of Van Wert.

A beautiful informational display about the historic Lincoln Highway

Van Wert's museum has a cabin from a motor lodge that was typically seen along the LH

 Lincoln Highway Post marker

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