Thursday, September 10, 2015

Wyoming Presented it's Challenges for both Anita and us!

We ran into a few obstacles the day we went through Wyoming - museum and information centers were closed? We encountered a couple of different hazards across the roads that were kind of scary. Also on our way to photograph the Lincoln Highway monument near Laramie, we saw it as it passed us on the interstate!

The original stretches of the Lincoln Highway have been exciting to travel along and imagine what Anita was thinking when she travelled through the same areas!

Salt Lake City

We want to give a huge shout out to our supporters- thanks so much Jerry Peppers of New York City; Muriel and Mark Clark of Sutherland NE; Eileen McGrath Winsand of Virginia; Elizabeth Rassiga of Austin NV; Pat Geraghty of Altoona WI; Kathy Peterson of Eau Claire WI; Brad Glassel, American Family, Lake Mills, WI. You've all been with us in spirit on this amazing trip!

On our way to Salt Lake City we stopped at a great Mexican diner in Bonneville Flats where they have had quite the races across the salt flats. A number of photos were taken of actors and movies produced in this part of the state. Anita would have been excited to be a part of these races and productions I'm sure!!

We arrived in Salt Lake City late at night so missed seeing the beautiful city!! Can't even imagine the loneliness Anita felt traveling through such remote yet amazingly beautiful parts of our country! We hope that she was able to enjoy the beauty as much as we have been!