Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Silent Film Era

Motion Pictures - the Silent Film Era - was the exciting new industry of the century. Anita King was 29 when she began acting in Hollywood at the Jesse Lasky Feature Play Company under the direction of a young director - Cecil B. DeMille. Anita claimed to be 7 years younger than her actual age - saying that she was born in 1891.

Anita's first silent movie was Cecil B. Demille's The Virginian in 1914. 1915 was a busy year for our aunt. These films were released that year -The Man from Home, The Girl of the Golden West, Carmen and Temptation - also films directed by Cecille B. DeMille. Later in 1915 she earned leading roles co-starring with Victor Moore in Snobs (directed by Oscar Apfel) and Chimmie Fadden (directed by DeMille).

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